Scratch Race Car Lesson 1
 Today I want you to watch the two short videos (lesson 1.1 and lesson 1.2) and then start making your own Race Car game. This is just the first part of creating a game. We will be adding to this in the next few classes. If you can think of way to make the game more interesting please try. The fun part about creating games is making the game your own creation. We will discuss the grading rubric in class but you will never have points deducted because your game differs from others. Have fun with this and don't be afraid to experiment a little. The videos are in the Scratch folder on the right hand side of the page. 

Scratch Race Car Lesson 2
 This week we will make our car explode when it drives off the course. As we near the end of this section I want you to start thinking of ways to make your game different. See if you can add something to your  game to make it more fun. Watch the video titled Scratch 2.1 and then click this LINK on answer a question about the video.

Scratch Race Car Lesson 3
 Your final challenge is to make you course switch to a new track when a player reaches the end of the track. A new video showing you haw to do this has been added to the Scratch folder.  Please go to this LINK and answer the question after watching the video.

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